Cordless Pressure Cleaner

A high performance cordless water jet which is ideal for removing stubborn dirt on outdoor home surfaces, gates, benches, garden furniture, bicycles, motorcycles and cars without damage the car paint.

14 Plunger Pure Copper Motor
Equip with Latest Pressure Technology to generate water pressure up to 50Bar with a flow rate of 5.0L/min.
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Customer Reviews

Sangat recommended. Packaging baik, barang sampai dgn selamat. Dah try, nk basuh keta mmg sedap… lantai berlumut boleh hilang la sikit2 yg degil mmg xley watpe kena pakai yg kuat sikit bar nye. Apa2 pun recommended!’

29 October 2021
Ahlina A.

Packaging paling mantapp. Seller also easy to reach and ask questions. All item received as advertised. Agak keras utk pasang the parts tp manageable. Pressure air pun kuat , tpi untuk satu mode sahaja. Harga sangat berbaloi. Jom support our local brand!

29 October 2021
Jason Tie

Been searching for one that’s has higher water pressure than 30 bar. This is rated at 40 bar. Of course no way for me to test it. Video is performance with half battery. Seems powerful enough for most cleaning job. Built quality is good. The bag is a convenient way to store all the loose pieces.

29 October 2021
Anuar Bin Sudin

Sgt berpuashati dgn barang ni, berbaloi dgn harga nya. Pressure agak kuat juga, senang nk cuci lantai yg berlumut dan kereta. Penghantaran cepat, servis dr seller yg terbaik.

29 October 2021
Muhammad Idris

Alhamdulillah barang sy dah terima dalam keadaan baik dan selamat brg dia memang sngat2 puas hati air pown power memang terbaik klu nak kepuasan baik beli yg 488v nye memang padu x tipuyes

29 October 2021